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13. March 2018

NPE2018: an unmissable opportunity to experience FLEXflow Technology. Live molding demonstrations on site

Only a few months are left before the beginning of NPE 2018 and Italian hot runner specialist HRSflow is excited to share the following news. For the occasion of the upcoming exhibition, 4 FLEXflow live molding demonstrations will be held in cooperation with HRSflow project partners including...[more]

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31. January 2018

Space-saving nozzles and insulating pressure blocks enhance application convenience in hot runner injection molding

Two new developments from the Italian hot runner specialist HRSflow, which have recently reached production maturity, help to make the injection molding of high-quality parts even easier and more reliable. While the new Full Compact Nozzles allow far smaller cavity-to-cavity distances, the equally...[more]

09. January 2018

Hot runner system from HRSflow for Class A vehicle windows made of polycarbonate

For the two-component injection molding of the rear-quarter windows of polycarbonate (PC) for the Buick GL8 and GL8 Avenir MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles), Chinese Tier 1 supplier Shentong uses two hot runner systems from HRSflow. One is for producing the transparent first component and the other for...[more]

30. November 2017

Users reap the benefits of FLEXflow One – the stand-alone hot runner solution with servo-driven valve gate system

One year after its launch, FLEXflow One, HRSflow’s servo-driven valve gate system for hot runner nozzles that operates as a stand-alone system avoiding the otherwise necessary control unit, already boasts a large number of applications, including the production of bumpers, front headlamps, rear...[more]

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08. November 2017

New valve gate solution: HPgate from HRSflow enlarges process window and improves quality of the molded part

With its HPgate, Italian hot runner specialist HRSflow ( presents a new, quality-enhancing, cost-saving valve gate solution for manufacture of high-quality parts without flash. Compared to the conventional versions, the gate is machined on an hardened metal insert produced by...[more]

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